About Corporate Delivery Services

Buddy Schwinge
Buddy Schwinge
Bret Schwinge
Bret Schwinge

Originally started as Schwinges Cab Company in 1968, Supplementary Postal Service quickly transitioned from moving people to moving mail and parcels to Secaucus’s expanding industrial complex. SPS provided a more efficient and economical way to receive and process mail and parcels than traditional ways. SPS recognized that businesses require a more specialized and efficient mail delivery service. SPS also provided inter-office mail delivery systems that were dependable, efficient and low cost.

Founded by Henry “Buddy” Schwinge (my father), I took over SPS in 1988 upon his death. In 2010, SPS became Corporate Delivery Services LLC to more clearly define its mission, which is to provide the most efficient, dependable and inexpensive delivery service in the area.

Some current customers are PSE&G, National Basketball Association, and Hartz Mountain Industries.

Inter-office Services

CDS offers:

  • Prompt, affordable deliveries to the surrounding area
  • Dedicated drivers (the same delivery person every day)
  • Distribution to multiple locations/offices
  • Distribution of mail and parcels within a company
  • Personalized service with flexibility and reliability
  • various forms of delivery confirmation, including signature, e-mail notification, picture confirmation, text confirmation